If you are looking to make a career change, we know that a lot of research must be done and many questions need to be answered. A career in real estate is not just a job, it’s a career. The interview process and qualifications are much different than most of the job postings that you see in the newspaper or on the various internet job sites. A career in real estate is more about you and your willingness to venture into an unknown field that you have no experience in. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to assist you in getting some basic information. These question/answers will give you some insight but ultimately you need to make an appointment with our Branch Vice President/Broker, Tim Huglen. Tim will meet with you to provide additional information on an exciting career in real estate!

Again, real estate is much different than your normal 9-5 job. There are no specific qualifications that are required as many positions do. Some of the qualifications that are desirable in real estate are good people skills, determination, motivation, a strong desire to be successful and most of all, a genuine desire to help people.

No! There is no previous experience for real estate unless you have previously held a real estate license. Everyone starts out the same way on the same playing field in real estate, and that is by taking the real estate licensing courses and attending Coldwell Banker Burnet’s training programs. The State of Minnesota requires 90 hours of licensing education, a passing score on the license exam, and License application to the Department of Commerce. There are three 30 hour courses to fulfill the license requirements. Course I covers basic real estate principles and must be taken before the License exam. We recommend the optional License Exam Preparation Course. It nearly doubles your chances for passing. Next, take Course II and Course III covering Minnesota real estate practices.

The real estate schools are Kaplan Professional School, kpsminnesota.com; Minnesota Realty School, mnrealtyschool.com; and Continuing Ed Express which is online, continuingedexpress.com. These schools offer a variety of schedule options that you can choose from. Courses are offered during the week, on the weekend, or in the evening. Pick your own schedule and remember that there is flexibility in completing the courses.

The tuition for Kaplan Professional School Course I, II, and III is $259.00 for each course. The License Exam Preparation Course is $99.00 (ask about Coldwell Banker Burnet’s $99.00 off coupon). The course tuition includes a copy of Principles of Minnesota Real Estate. The tuition for Minnesota Realty School Course I, II, and III is $250 for each course. The tuition for Continuing Ed Express Course I, II, and III is $199 for each course. The license fee for the State of Minnesota is $142.50. The state license exam is $75.00.

The test is tricky more than difficult. It is important to study and understand the material, but the wording of the questions is biggest challenge to test takers. Kaplan does a great job on preparing you for the test.

Every now and then, someone gets concerned that real estate requires difficult math. Fortunately, the math is not difficult and you can use a calculator, so don’t worry. I haven’t been to school for many years. Am I going to be able to handle the real estate course? Of course you can handle it! In fact, most of your classmates probably feel the same way that you do. Remember, the instructors at Kaplan are used to having students that fit this class into their busy schedules. The instructors also know that most of the students in class have not attended school for quite some time. Just work hard, do your homework and you can do it!

Most students pass the test if they study and pay attention in class. Taking the License Exam Preparation Course increases your chances dramatically. But, if you don’t pass the first time, don’t worry, you can retake it again. How well you do on the test, is no indicator of how well you will do as a real estate agent.

It is highly recommended that you take the license exam preparation course to ensure that you are prepared to take the exam. The preparation course offers you the opportunity to take a pre-test on the first day of the two day course to see what areas that you need to work on. There is also a post test that is given on the second day to help you in understand what areas you need to spend more time studying on prior to taking the exam.

That is a great question that only you can answer! It is really up to you to decide and with a clear business plan that we help you develop, your first year earnings are only decided by you and the effort that you put into it. The minimum earning level should be no less than $35,000. If you follow the business plan that we assist you in developing, there is the potential to earn $50,000-$100,000 in your first year. It all is up to you and your level of commitment!

Again, it is up to you to decide your future earning potential. With the support and guidance that you receive from Coldwell Banker Burnet, combined with your desire for growth, the possibilities are unlimited. Agents that are involved in our Performance Coaching program see a potential 20% increase in production and income each year. There are no limits in real estate, it is ultimately up to you and your level of commitment.

You set your own hours. Normal business hours are typical in real estate contrary to popular belief. Most of the customers that you will be working with are people that are accustomed to dealing with business people that work normal business hours. There are some exceptions, but most of the time, hours are up to you. This is your business and you control your schedule.

This is the greatest benefit of being in real estate. You again, are your own boss. You can go on vacation or take time off any time that you feel it appropriate. There is no set schedule, no vacation time limits, and no time clock. You are free to control your own schedule and have the flexibility to do the things that are important to you and your family. Many of our agents are able to live the kind of lifestyle that allows them to do the things that are most important in life. A career in real estate allows you to be involved personal activities from golf leagues, to coaching or attending kid’s activities outside of school, to involvement in community activities. You create your own schedule and you are ultimately in control of it, not someone else!

It takes a commitment to being the best you can be! It takes a strong desire to help people. Real estate is a people business and the people are the number one priority. To be the best that you can be, you need to be willing to take the time to develop the skills necessary to be a true professional. Hard work, a great attitude, discipline, and a passion for the business is what it really takes. Taking advantage of the opportunities that Coldwell Banker Burnet provides will assist you in becoming the best that you can be.

There is no better time to start in real estate than the present! Anytime is a good time to start in real estate as the agents that are committed to the business will prosper in all markets. The great thing about real estate is that people are always moving. Whether buying a first home, getting married, divorced, relocating, downsizing, or upsizing, there are always people that need the assistance of a true real estate professional. In fact, today is the best time to start a new career in real estate because there are less agents in the business because when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Many are concerned about experience in selling. The real fact is that everyone is in sales, and everyone is a sales person to a certain degree. Whether you think so or not, you are most likely in sales in your current job. If you work for a bank, an insurance company, a restaurant, a medical clinic, or any other business, you are probably in sales. All businesses are selling a product or service. Real estate is just like any other business and it is providing people with a service and or a product. Selling skills are developed by being a student of the business and working hard. Coldwell Banker Burnet will assist you in developing the skills necessary to be successful in your new career.

Coldwell Banker Burnet is known for having the best training in the industry. Our training and coaching programs have helped the best in the business. Training gives our agents the ability to provide the greatest value to our customers. It is up to you to take advantage of all the opportunities that Coldwell Banker Burnet provides.

Yes, you will have a mentor! In fact, you will have many mentors. You will have one specific mentor to guide you through your first year in real estate. You will also have the guidance from many of the experienced agents within the company. Our philosophy is one of teamwork. Many of the experienced agents in the office and company will assist you in the process of becoming a great real estate agent. If you want to tag along with any of the top agents in the office, to see what they do, and to learn, they will be happy to assist you.

Coldwell Banker Burnet provides everything that you need to be successful in your new career. Coldwell Banker Burnet provides all the tools, training, technology, support, and guidance that you will need to be successful. We provide the initial training as well as continuing education courses, coaching programs, and the direction that you need to prosper in your new career.

There are many benefits if you are in the real estate business. We have medical, dental, and other group insurance plans that are available. There are additional benefits as a real estate professional that are not available in other industries. The ability to deduct such things as automobile, computer, health insurance costs, and also passive losses on investment property make real estate a desirable business career option. Learn more about these benefits by setting up an interview with our Branch Vice President, Tim Huglen.

Yes, the following courses are approved by the Veteran's Administration: Courses I-III, License Exam Preparation Course, Broker's Course, Minnesota to Wisconsin Real Estate License and Wisconsin to Minnesota Real Estate License courses. If you are entitled to VA benefits, be sure to tell us when you register. After completing your courses and submitting the appropriate paperwork, you will be reimbursed by the VA based on your entitlement.

Find out what kind of real estate company you want to work for.

Find out what kind of real estate company you want to work for.

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